Senior Advisor &
Excelliance Human Capital Squad


I relieve the tension between man and capital.

  • Assumes consultative responsibility for human capital issues.
  • Focuses on the stabilization of employees and transformational leadership in complex situations of change.
  • Management expert and investor in numerous industries and corporate situations, including private equity investments and restructuring.

About me:

The greatest attention is paid to stabilizing employees in a complex transition situation so that processes can be successfully run through and measures are being implemented. Supporting managers in their efforts to run by themselves, to reflect for themselves and to place people at the centre of their sustainable success is what drives me out of bed in the morning with energy and drive. As a conversational therapist, coach, mediator, entrepreneur, long-time officer and private equity partner, I am a rather rare bird in the German economic landscape, but maybe that is what makes the difference…

Practice areas:

  • Stabilization of managers in acute change situations
  • Transformational strength-oriented leadership
  • Organisational identity and corporate culture
  • Team development, employee enthusiasm and retention programs

Operational priorities (ad interim):

  • Executive coach, mentor, business mediator
  • “Sparring Partner” in matters of “people” and new leadership for CEO/CRO/CFO or shareholder/supervisory board, if necessary also via non-executive director position
  • Project Manager Organisational Identity, Coordinator for seamlessly linking performance and financial restructuring with corporate culture and employee retention measures

Functional competence and methods:

  • New Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Strength-oriented leadership and team development

Industry experience:

  • Many years of management and transaction experience in corporate groups, large corporations and medium-sized companies from all major industrial sectors, including many years of profound investment experience as a partner of private equity and hedge funds.


Cell: +49 176 27202072