Senior Advisor &
Excelliance Finance Squad


Simplification, implementation and transparency.

  • Assumes advisory and entrepreneurial responsibility for financial and strategic topics, also in a board position.

  • Focused on the seamless integration of performance/operational and financial restructuring.

  • Veteran for complex capital measures in a variety of industries and corporate situations, including private equity investments and restructurings.

About me:

I am storm-proven through various economic and capital market cycles. The confidence of my clients, partners and colleagues in my competence, leadership and implementation strengths drives my motivation. I am energetic and down-to-earth at the same time and insist on simple and clear communication. As a long-standing business partner of many private equity funds and their portfolio companies, I bring agility, experience and also a certain situational instinct to my client relationships.

Practice areas:

  • Financial restructuring, seamlessly linked to performance/operational restructuring
  • Corporate and financing strategy, underpinned by stringent business financials and business plans as well as success-critical company-specific KPIs
  • Bank and capital market communication as well as initiation and implementation of various types of financing

Operational priorities (ad interim):

  • CFO and division or project manager for finance, capital markets, M+A and/or strategy/business development ad interim
  • “Sparring Partner” or “Co-Pilot” for CEO/CRO/CTO or shareholder/supervisory board, if required also via non-executive director position
  • Project manager for financial restructuring, coordinator for seamlessly linking performance/operational and financial restructuring

Functional competence and methods:

  • Business development and control systems for strategic planning, budgeting, reporting
  • Financing strategy and implementation including bank and capital market communication
  • M+A and due diligence processes, liquidity planning and restructuring reports

Industry experience:

  • Many years of experience with corporate groups, large corporations and medium-sized companies from all major industrial sectors, including various private equity portfolio companies


E-Mail: tim.hoffmeister@excelliance.de
Cell: +49 151 14326131