The team of the Excelliance Industry Taskforce would like to take this opportunity today to personally send you their best wishes for 2020.
We are looking forward to a continued trustful cooperation, constructive discussions and joint new projects with you!

Like every year after Christmas, New Year and Epiphany, we are well rested, calorie-wise a little oversupplied, but equipped with the best intentions for next year’s countdown.
According to our experience we now decide more or less promptly – thank God or unfortunately – for the well-proven continuity and proceed as usual in the old pattern. Disruption or transformation? Far from it!

This effect has always affected our business model as well: since restructurings in most cases involve only the liabilities side of the balance sheet being reorganizes (admittedly by extremely creative methods of advanced financial experts), the results achieved by the companies affected are only short-lived: after the restructuring is before the restructuring. The question as to the actual causes of the crisis – consciously or unconsciously – is not asked.’But weaknesses in strategy, planning and implementation lead to loss of control in customer acceptance and market penetration, in products and costs, and in employees and processes. Companies will become more crisis-prone, supporting technologies or business units will erode, and corporate values will be caught in a downward spiral.

For our “Transformation & Turnaround Management” business model, this means that our hand-picked industry managers will continue to vehemently advocate integrated solution approaches and will continuously advocate the “combination of finance, performance management and strategic business model realignment” during a restructuring.
In the field of “Transformation and Turnaround Management” we are known as a hands-on agents of change and see ourselves as a “game changer”. While this causes some unease among traditional managers of the status quo, it also opens up significantly higher chances of success for the individual turnarounds. And that’s what it’s all about!

In the above sense, all the best and here’s to many sustainable projects!

Your Excelliance Industry Taskforce

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