Senior Director

Doing is like wanting. Only much more blatant.

  • Assumes entrepreneurial responsibility, also in a board position.
  • Unravels complex financial constructs and assists with solution approaches.
  • Unleashes potential and enthusiasm in times of digital transformation.

About me:

As a native of Baden-Württemberg, I was already confronted in my lectures with what was then the biggest accounting scandal of the Baden-based company “Flowtex”. My interest in balance sheet manipulation was aroused, because in addition to numbers, I also love exciting thrillers. I founded my first company parallel to my doctorate in order to finance it. This required from me not only creativity and pragmatism, but above all “getting down to business”. I don’t beat around the bush, but look for pragmatic solutions that can be implemented quickly. Because in every crisis there is always an opportunity. Sometimes it just requires a little creativity and courage to tackle and implement things.

Practice areas:

  • Financial restructuring
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Liquidity planning
  • Recognition and prevention of accounting fraud
  • Training of employees and managers in the area of balance sheets

Operational priorities (ad interim):

  • Assumption of CRO role or as division or project manager as well as “sparring partner” for CEO/CRO/CFO as well as shareholders/supervisory board as consultant or in the body
  • Project manager in restructuring and coordination in restructuring projects

Functional competence and methods:

  •  Support in the digitalization of accounting processes
  • Optimization of the cost structure
  • Set-up and optimization of accounting in start-ups
  • Red flag analysis for warning signs of accounting fraud

Industry experience:

  • Tax Consulting
  • University
  • Real estate industry
  • Start-ups


E-Mail: carola.rinker@excelliance.de