Responsibility for demanding tasks

We are a global industry task force with experts for transformation and turnaround management! Since 1995 and well over 100 projects, we have assumed responsibility for demanding tasks.

We feel ideally suited for the transformation and turnaround of companies or business units, the development of new business models, efficiency improvement measures, (emergency) management of projects and programs, growth and performance increases, negotiations with stakeholders, M&A processes, streamlining and management of investment portfolios. And always when it comes to doing better and not knowing better!

Our interdisciplinary team of experts supports transformation and turnaround not only with financial and performance expertise, but also in the course of developing sustainable business models for the future with cross-sector industry experience from innovation, design thinking and product development processes.

We challenge the current situation and promote future business models.

For this purpose, we quickly grasp complex tasks and, together with the customer’s employees, develop feasible, sustainable solutions. We take responsibility for the achievement of objectives without any ifs or buts! For this we also go into organizational position.

Our clients see our unique selling proposition in the combination of strategy development, implementation excellence and assumption of responsibility for functions and projects by experienced international top managers from industry.

Our Management Team

From the industry for the industry: the Excelliance team is in top form to support your company with targeted situation analyses and individual solutions. Excelliance gives you the important external perspective when internal solutions are not obvious. In addition, we guarantee you the greatest possible.

The focus is on trusting communication with you and all members of your team. Decency, respect, respectable commercial behavior and proven procedures in the spirit of our time are constant companions. Because change only works if all participants recognize the opportunities that open up new avenues for them. With our name we vouch for the highest standards of quality, transparency and truthfulness as well as the open cooperation with our customers.



Dr. Jacob TARN

Rüdiger TIBBE
Senior Partner & Managing Director

Success factor Taskforce:

Other specialized specialists assume responsibility and ensure high implementation speed and precision.

More than 100 projects since 1995


Strategic realignment, restructuring, workout, recovery, intensive care
Performance improvement in business units, investment portfolios, business functions or at locations
Management of new or distressed programs, projects or tasks
Filling key positions with proven industry experts from our team

Customer referral rates

Ability to think innovatively
The challenge of radical thinking
Generation of willingness to change among employees
Mastery of project management


We are a growth-oriented industry task force and are looking for ambitious and qualified managers who want to shape their professional future together with us. They are offered excellent development prospects, in particular the opportunity to quickly assume responsibility and to play a decisive role in the further development of Excelliance.

We work practice-oriented and close to the customer, promoting and demanding a high degree of personal responsibility, individuality and “renewal frenzy”. Personalities and high performers who implement their innovative ideas through competence and natural authority are in demand.

We are looking for people who not only do their job, but also follow their vocation with passion, go to work with enthusiasm, enjoy working in a team and know how to tackle things efficiently. Particularly important to us are strong social and communication skills, a sense of responsibility, a focus on results, assertiveness, creativity and leadership qualities. Motivation, fun at work and above-average commitment are the prerequisites for top performance. High performance that our customers expect from us!

If our business model appeals to you and you are interested in working with us, we look forward to hearing from you! Talk to us!