In the middle of the market, in the task, in your team

With us you get the best of both worlds: As competent top managers from industry and management consulting, we have sharpened our profile with the big players. We use the proven methods of the highly disciplined automotive industry and combine them with the successful tools of the consulting industry.

Against this background, we search for and find the way to the goal – whether restructuring/turnaround or transformation/performance improvement. And in this way we transfer our know-how beyond the automotive industry to other sectors.

Excelliance is “right in the middle” in many respects: as a team that moves safely in many markets, with targeted specialists who develop exactly the solution your company needs with individual custom work instead of mainstream high throughput.

We are also in the midst of the projects you entrust to us. Our efficient project architecture prioritizes your resources through Excelliance’s highly specialized specialists with many years of relevant experience.

We are assuming responsibility

In manufacturing companies, Excelliance assumes entrepreneurial responsibility – especially in the case of restructuring and reorganization. We either take on executive positions (board of directors/management) or occupy a business function. In addition, experience has shown that the parallel appointment of an Excelliance Manager to the Supervisory Board ensures greater transparency and faster decisions in the executive bodies.

In which function can we provide periodic support?

  • Overall responsiblity for conception and implementation of specific tasks
  • On request as a member of the board of directors / managing director or in line function as responsible function manager
  • As initiator in the supervisory board/ advisory board with authority to intervene in the operative area

In addition, Excelliance partners can also invest their own capital directly in industrial companies, group spin-offs or companies in succession situations in certain situations – a special feature of our business model!

Special unit versus troop, quality beats quantity!

Excelliance comes with a small, special team and uses the capacities and resources of the customer. This reduces project duration and costs. This ensures motivation and enthusiasm and leads to an overall acceptance of the measures developed in the team. All are on the same level of information and knowledge!

The fact that we remain right in the middle of the project even after it has been completed contributes to the sustainable result. Workshops and monitoring ensure that the newly developed success does not level off, but remains on course thanks to a reliable connection to Excelliance.