Senior Advisor Legal


If you are passionate about something, you will remain relaxed even in times of trouble.

  • Assumes entrepreneurial responsibility for the implementation as a consultant and also in executive positions.
  • Unbundles complex legal and financial constructions and provides pragmatic and innovative solutions.
  • Unleashes potential and enthusiasm in times of upheaval and change in an organization and among stakeholders.

About me:

As a Munich native and hobby sailor, only with proper wind comes joy. I enjoy challenges – both, in private and professional. Finding pragmatic solutions and the implementation of concepts is comparable to the situation in a storm. Only with a cool head, a competent team and the appropriate experience a crisis can be navigated through. By integrating all stakeholders, crises can be turned into opportunities. Due to my experience as a trustee, managing director, supervisory board, division manager, investor, business mediator, lawyer and corporate finance consultant, I have a comprehensive track record in holistic restructuring of companies regardless of size.

Practice areas:

  • Holistic perspective on restructuring concepts including the analysis of legal and regulatory framework conditions and guidance on implementation
  • Risk management and organ consulting as well as insolvency law assistance with protective shield, self-administration and insolvency proceedings as well as non-judicial restructuring according to the new Corporate Stabilization and Restructuring Law (StaRUG)
  • Legal structuring and accompaniment of stakeholder communication, especially in capital market financing such as promissory bills and bonds

Operational priorities (ad interim):

  • Taking on the role of CRO or as a divisional / project manager as well as “sparring partner” for CEO/CRO/CFO and shareholder / supervisory board as a consultant or in the organ; development and implementation of fiduciary concepts
  • Control and legal assistance in self-administration and protective shield procedures as well as restructuring officer or reorganization moderator according to the new Corporate Stabilization and Restructuring Law (StaRUG)
  • Project manager legal restructuring, coordinator of internal and external stakeholders and consultants, especially lawyers and courts


Functional competence and methods:

  • All legal aspects of restructuring/transformation, in particular restructuring, finance, insolvency law, capital market law, corporate, compliance and dispute resolution
  • Development and execution of financing and fiduciary solutions as well as assistance in distressed M&A procedures and advice on insolvency law and corporate bodies during the crisis
  • Comprehensive legal and communicative assistance in bond restructurings; restructuring of promissory bills and creditors’ rights both within and without insolvency

Industry experience:

  • Fashion & Lifestyle, Retail
  • Renewable Energies, Financial Institutions, Media
  • Private Equity and its associated companies


E-Mail: tobias.moser@excelliance.de
Cell: +49 176 5405 2807