Senior Director

Changes are fun.

  • Assumes responsibility for commercial functions in the company and supports managers with operational issues in restructuring and transformation processes.
  • Achieves sustainable change through open, appreciative communication and situational leadership.
  • Changes perspectives and brings together requirements as well as expectations from a wide range of stakeholders inside and outside companies.
  • Operational implementation and accountability – beyond consulting.

About me:

I enjoy changes and challenges and jumping in at the deep end – both privately and professionally. Frequent changes of tasks and place of residence as well as working in and with a wide variety of nations and organizations and traveling have shaped me personally. Empathic and openminded I enjoy working with other people. For me, numbers are the basis for analyses and recommendations for action; however, the processes and the business behind them are what counts for me. This is where the levers are to be found to improve results and streamline processes. The exchange and critical discussion with responsible managers and employees often reveal existing potential and knowledge; combined with my own experience and without arrogance, I generate acceptance. The goal is not to know better, but to support and jointly make things happen.

For me, successful restructuring and transformation means taking people along with you to achieve sustainable results. This means reducing fears of change and pointing out perspectives and solutions, but also negotiating with employee representatives and unions and demanding tough cuts if the company situation requires it. It is important to me to present and explain facts transparently and openly and to be reliable.

Practice areas:

  • Strategy development and implementation in multi-year plans
  • Participation in the preparation of S6 expert opinions and tracking of turnaround measures
  • Responsibility for annual financial statements
  • Liquidity planning and company analyses
  • Negotiation of reorganization agreements, social plans, etc. with trade unions and works council
  • Optimization of operational commercial processes
  • Initiation and tracking of cost reduction programs and working capital measures
  • Definition of success-critical KPIs for internal management and external addressees
  • Review of risk management, guidelines and compliance

Operational priorities (ad interim):

  •  CFO/commercial management, CRO
  • Sparring partner/support for CEO/CRO/CFO
  • Project management/coach/guidance for executives in critical company situations

Functional competence and methods:

  •  More than 25 years of experience with a focus on commercial functions in industry
  • Operational management responsibility (CFO) with profit responsibility and functional responsibility for controlling/finance/accounting/IT, legal and human resources, up to purchasing and sales Reorganization agreements/social plans/location closures/business relocations
  • M&A, due diligence, MBO, joint ventures
  • Support with S6 appraisals and monitoring of the implementation of reorganization measures
  • Supervisory and advisory board mandates
  • Self-employed for 3 years as consultant/interim manager

Industry experience:

  • Group and medium-sized companies (sales from €100 million)
  • Commercial vehicles and automotive supply industry
  • Printing machines (consulting project)
  • Projects in the field of logistics, industrial services
  • Foundation of a publishing house with 2 partners


Cell: +49 176 611 388 06