When the turnover decreases and margins fall, restructuring is the method of choice in many companies. However, truly sustainable successes are rare.

We would like to show you how a restructuring with value enhancement can succeed.
In our smart outfit with a fresh logo and a new homepage, we are particularly pleased today not to enjoy our enthusiasm alone, but to let you share in our enthusiasm and enthusiasm according to the motto: At home in the automotive industry, “dahoam” in the manufacturing industry.

Visit us at www.excelliance.de and get to know our team in Expert Talks, read our articles on current topics or simply inform yourself about our services and events!

Since 1995 and well over 100 projects in the areas of transformation and turnaround management, we have matured into highly specialized, internationally active (restructuring and performance) experts with patina. In particular, our unique implementation excellence – in executive positions, line functions and operational project management – has made us a reliable and indispensable player over the years.

With the expected increase in profit warnings and declines in 2019 and the associated increase in restructuring cases, we are selectively expanding our financial and performance-related restructuring capacities, also on an international basis.

We are particularly pleased that James JOHNSON, Jürgen KNEPPER and Dr. Jacob TARN have joined us as Associate Partners.

  • A native Taiwanese with a US passport and C-suite top manager in high-tech companies, Dr. Jacob TARN is an internationally renowned restructuring expert. He is also one of the world’s leading experts in LED technology. Jacob will focus on “Asian-European Bridging” at Excelliance, i.e. European companies with economic ties/interests in the Asian market and vice versa. Jacob has a strong implementation team here and in Asia for this purpose.
  • James JOHNSON, born in the United States, and his team are analogously playing the same role for the North American economic area. As Managing Director of joint ventures of international corporations, he is also a recognized expert in complex stakeholder management.
  • Jürgen KNEPPER is an industry top manager and business lawyer and an absolute specialist in the fields of HR, legal and corporate governance. Jürgen has acquired his extensive experience and competence in transformation and turnaround management as managing director and Arbeitsdirektor (special title in Germany for labour director) of international companies with 8,000 employees and sales of up to € 3 billion. His particular expertise lies in the areas of labour law and stakeholder management.

Our high financial and performance restructuring competence in combination with Innovation & Design Thinking is already without alternative:
Our Excelliance InnovationLab is used especially in disruptive situations and is based on a structured process for the development of future business models and processes.

And in order to really fit all company sizes, a team specially specialized on this concentrates exclusively on medium-sized companies and established start-ups with sales of up to € 150 million.

Now we wish you good entertainment with short while and much fun while browsing through our homepage. We are pleased when our spark of enthusiasm skips over and we have been able to arouse your curiosity for more information.

Cordially yours,

Rüdiger TIBBE

Excelliance Industry Task Force