Senior Partner & Managing Director

Lead Region Europe

Making better instead of knowing better

  • Assumes entrepreneurial responsibility for strategic tasks, including executive positions.
  • Unravels complex issues with speed in mind, involves employees and implements solutions with his international experience from large companies and medium-sized family businesses.
  • Unleashes deadlocked positions with stakeholders (customers, shareholders, banks, suppliers, trade unions, works council).

About me:

As a Westphalian Bavarian, I feel like the maximum level of assertiveness and resistance. That’s why I always get along very well with all stakeholders. My always open visor allows me to express my honest opinion, and I like the term “honorable businessman”. Change attracts me, standstill drives me on. I push ahead with joint decisions penetratingly, not because of joy, but because of their importance for the success of the cause. Speed plays an equally important role. My patience is therefore finite, because time determines joint success.

Practice areas:

  • Performance-based restructuring
  • Financial Restructuring
  • M&A, PMI


Main applications:

  • Board member, Managing Director ad interim, CRO, CEO
  • General representative for individual functional areas such as TQM production system, innovation, etc.
  • Responsible for performance improvements (growth, costs, investments) in international business units


Functional competence:

  • Strategy & Business Model Development
  • Innovation & Design Thinking
  • TQM Production System (along the entire value chain from SOP to EOP)

Industry experience:

  • Automotive (OEMs, Tiers)
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Listed stock corporations and medium-sized family businesses


Email: ruediger.tibbe@excelliance.de
Cell: +49 160 4794480